CML Data Access Policy

Databases & Shapefiles developed through research projects
With the exception of publicly accessible datasets, all databases and shapefiles developed through research projects are the property of the Principal Investigator (PI) of the associated project.

Requests to access data by persons not directly involved with the project must be made in writing to the Principal Investigator. The PI must authorize access to specific project databases in writing to the Managing Director of the CML.

Data obtained from Third Parties
The CML frequently obtains data from third parties such as a city agency or private vendor. In some cases, the original owners of the data may put restrictions on how it can be used or reused (e.g., an agency may give the CML the rights to a database or shapefile for a specific project but require it be destroyed at the conclusion of the project.)

The CML will uphold all commitments it makes with third parties concerning restrictions on the use and reuse of data. Persons requesting access to restricted files must obtain written permission from the original owner of the data expressly authorizing the CML to release it to specifically named individuals. The authorization should include the name and contact information for the person who is granting the CML permission to share data and the name of the person who is to be on the receiving end of the data.

City of Philadelphia Parcel Coverage Data
The City of Philadelphia’s Parcel Coverage Data is owned by the Planning Commission. The CML cannot distribute, disclose, or market the Parcel Coverage Data—in part, or in its entirety—without the express written consent of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Requests should be addressed to:

Maryann Longacre
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
1515 Arch Street, 13th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Publicly accessible datasets
Publicly accessible datasets and shapefiles available through the CML include 1990 Census data (see, Wessex data, TIGER files, and other shapefiles as listed on this website.

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