Projects Areas

Arts and Culture


Children and Youth

Philadelphia Services Utilization Monitoring System (SUMS)

Palm Beach County Community Resource Information and Mapping System (CRIMS)

Market Analysis for Comprehensive Day Care (CDCs) services

Truancy Evaluation

Housing and Community Development

Philadelphia Neighborhood Information System (NIS)

Closing the Gap: Housing (un)Affordability in Philadelphia (in press)

Predicting Housing Abandonment with the Philadelphia NIS (Urban Affairs)

Housing Vacancy Prevention Project

The Philadelphia Snapshot Project & Related Neighborhood Survey Projects

Historical Redlining in Philadelphia

New York City Early Warning System for Housing Abandonment

Neighborhood Indicator Systems

University City Indicators

Franklin County (Columbus, OH) Community Data System (CDS)

Planning and Environment

The Philadelphia Brownfields Inventory

Research on Valuation of Land and Improvements in Philadelphia

Public Health

An EXPORT Center of Excellence for Inner City Health

Firearms-Related Injury and its Relationship to the Spatial Distribution of Alcohol Outlets

An Exploratory Study of the Spatial Distribution of Animal Abuse

Social-Structural Determinants of Pre-term birth in Philadelphia

The Penn GIS Symposium on Public Health

SNAKS Project

US Trauma Center Maps

Public Safety

The Philadelphia Firearms Tracking Initiative

Social Welfare

The Impact of Welfare Reform on Public Shelter Admissions, PHA Waiting Lists, and PHA Tenant Outcomes

Redlining in Philadelphia

GIS Studios

Costa Rica Spheres

Gungywamp Swamp

Tierra Sajama

The Cartographic Modeling Lab
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