Neighborhood Information System

A web-based property and social indicators information system used by city agencies and community based organizations throughout Philadelphia. The NIS features the parcelBase website (for working with address-level data) and the neighborhoodBase website (for working with aggregate data). NIS users research individual properties; run queries to locate comparables; plan, site and evaluate housing development programs; and study neighborhood conditions with user-defined maps, charts and reports. The integrated database also supports housing and vacancy research at the University of Pennsylvania.

External Funders
The City of Philadelphia, The Pew Charitable Trusts, William Penn Foundation, University of Pennsylvania and the Fannie Mae Corporation

Collaborating Investigators
Dennis Culhane (Cartographic Modeling Lab Faculty Director/School of Social Policy and Practice), Tony Smith (School of Engineering and Sciences), Dana Tomlin (CML Faculty Director/Graduate School of Fine Arts), John Kromer (formerly City of Philadelphia, now Penn Executive Vice President's office/Fels Center for Government).

Partnering Agencies
Mayor's Office of Information Services, Office of Housing and Community Development, Department of Licenses & Inspections, Philadelphia Gas Works, Revenue, Water Revenue, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Housing Association, Philadelphia Fire Marshall's Office.

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