The Philadelphia Snapshot Project & Related Neighborhood Survey Projects

A survey of vacant land and abandoned buildings in the city of Philadelphia, including a use/characteristics survey, and a digital photograph. The digital image and survey results were uploaded into the Neighborhood Information System. Additional vacancy surveys were completed by the University City District, the People's Emergency Center CDC, and other community based organizations. The Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) sponsored surveys of eight major commercial corridors throughout the city in 2002.

External Funders
The William Penn Foundation

Collaborating Investigators
John Kromer (Project Director - OHCD), Dennis Culhane (CML/SP2), Mark Alan Hughes (formerly of Public/Private Ventures, now at Penn's Fox Center) and Susan Wachter (Wharton Real Estate).

Partnering Agencies
OHCD, Philadelphia Association of CDCs, LISC, University City District, People's Emergency Center CDC.

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