University City Indicators

Recognizing the need for a management tool to monitor the overall quality of life in University City, the Division of Facilities & Real Estate Services worked with the Cartographic Modeling Lab to develop a series of meaningful neighborhood indicators. These indicators included some that are familiar (e.g., building permit data), and others that are more unconventional (e.g., school bus ridership data). Presenting data over time allows users of this report to see trends.

External Funders
Office of Facilities and Real Estate Services, University of Pennsylvania.

Collaborating Investigators
Dennis Culhane (Faculty Co-Director), Marlen Kokaz (GIS Director), Vicky Tam (Senior Project Manager), ML Wernecke (former CML Managing Director), D-L Wormley (former Senior Project Manager).

Partnering Agencies
School District of Philadelphia, Licenses and Inspections, Office of Off Campus Living, Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Penn Human Resources, Child Care Information Services.

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