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DATA (click here for more detail) [-]
  • CML data sources (Example: NeighborhoodBase or CrimeBase )
  • Data collection and acquisition
  • Data preparation and geocoding [?]
  • Database integration and linking
  • Data management and archiving
MAPPING (click here for more detail) [-]
  • Electronic map
  • Printed map
  • Oversized printed map
SPATIAL ANALYSIS AND MODELING (click here for more detail) [-]
  • Exploratory spatial analysis and map algebra
  • Time and distance calculations
  • Spatial statistics and regression
  • Site location analysis
  • Network analysis
  • Hotspot or Cluster analysis
GIS SPATIAL DATA SYSTEMS (click here for more detail) [-]
  • Spatial Database
  • Data Management
  • Customized Geographic Systems
TRAINING AND EDUCATION (click here for more detail) [-]
  • Training or classroom instruction
  • Community outreach
EQUIPMENT OR TECHNICAL HELP (click here for more detail) [-]
  • Personal Digital Assistant—PDA
  • Technical assistance or consultation
  • Unsure, see project description
  • Free GIS software for Penn students
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